Research and Publications

My current project examines the impact of eugenics on the built environment, and this project is the primary focus of my sabbatical research starting in January 2024. My goal is to write a Multiple Property Submission to the National Register of Historic Places on eugenics in Michigan’s cultural landscape.


“The Real Trick Is Holding On to That Energy and Not Collapsing: Teaching Undergraduate Public History on the Verge of the Pandemic”in Teaching Public History, edited by Julia Brock and Evan Faulkenbury. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2023.

“What Happens Next? Institutionalizing Grassroots Success in Selma, Alabama” in Radical Roots: Public History and a Tradition of Social Justice Activism, edited by Denise Meringolo. Amherst, MA: Amherst College Press, 2021.